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ECHER, E.; ALVES, M. V.; GONZÁLEZ-ALARCON, W. D.; GONZALEZ-ALARCON, A. L. C.; BALMACEDA, L. A.; SANTOS, C.; VIEIRA, L. E. A.; DAL LAGO, A.; GUARNIERI, F. L. Comparison between april 1999 and february 2000 solar-terrestrial connection events: interplanetary aspects. In: LATIN AMERICAN WORKSHOP ON PLASMA PHYSICS, 10.; BRAZILIAN MEETING ON PLASMA PHYSICS, 7. (SÃO PEDRO, SP, BRAZIL, 2003)., 2003, São Pedro, 2003. Anais... 2003. On-line. (INPE-10363-PRE/5864).

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... as proposed by Echer et al. (2003).
... may be found in the literature (ECHER et al., 2003).