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             abstract = "Antarctica presents geographic and physical characteristics that 
                         allow the generation of strong winds in the coastal region of the 
                         continent, due to the influence of synoptic systems such as 
                         extratropical cyclones and topography. Therefore, the objective of 
                         the present study is to evaluate the occurrence of extreme events 
                         in wind speed in Marambio Argentina Station, located to the 
                         northeast of the Antarctica Peninsula. Were used daily data of 
                         Surface Atmospheric Pressure in hPa, Wind Speed in m/s, Direction 
                         of the Wind in degrees and Air Temperature at 2 Meters in C, 
                         kindly provided by the Argentine Antarctica Institute, the period 
                         of January 1979 to December 2015. For evaluate the atmospheric 
                         pattern during the extreme events of the wind speed, the wind data 
                         were used Wind Zonal, Wind Meridional, Air Temperature at 2 
                         Meters, Mean Sea Level Pressure and Geopotential Height of 500 
                         hPa, the was database Era-Interim with a grid spacing 0.75 x 
                         0.75. To set the threshold that classifies the winds as strong, 
                         we used the 95% percentile variable per month, with the objective 
                         of obtaining 12 thresholds (i.e. a threshold for each month of the 
                         year). The analysis of the period of 1979 to 2015 Marambio 
                         Station, showed that the average value of the Atmospheric Pressure 
                         of 988.87 hPa, however, it was found that the magnitude of such 
                         variable has a negative trend during the period studied. One 
                         possible explanation for such behavior, may be due to the 
                         increased acting of Extratropical Cyclones over the Weddell Sea. 
                         However, wind speed has a daily average of 6.42 m/s 
                         climatological, therefore, possessed during the analysis period a 
                         positive trend in your magnitude. With the most intense winds 
                         identified at the station are from Southwest. Analyzing the 
                         extreme events was identified 680 cases of strong winds, 
                         highlighting the magnitude of 30.40 m/s occurred in July of 1982. 
                         It was found in the composition of atmosphere during the 680 cases 
                         of strong winds was the presence of an Extratropical Cyclone over 
                         the region. It was observed that before and during the Event 
                         Extreme in wind speed, there is an increase in Air Temperature at 
                         2 Meters due to the advection of warmer air caused by the passages 
                         of the Extratropical Cyclones.. Therefore, in this study 
                         identified that during extreme events in wind speed, had presence 
                         of Extratropical Cyclones over the Weddell Sea region.",
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