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             abstract = "A large body of empirical literature brings evidence that student 
                         performance on standardized tests is determined by a set of 
                         factors within and outside schools: their social and cultural 
                         background, the school infrastructure, the size and complexity of 
                         the educational organizations, as well as the socioeconomic 
                         characteristics of the neighborhoods. Sophisticated econometric 
                         models were developed to analyze and isolate these effects. 
                         However it is still lacking an intuitive graphical presentation 
                         that could help a non-technical policy maker or citizen to 
                         understand these phenomena. Motivated by this problem, we 
                         developed a platform that present information about schools in the 
                         S{\~a}o Paulo Metropolitan Region obtained from Prova Brasil, 
                         Enem, School Census, and the Brazilian Demographic Census. The 
                         platform integrates all the information and presents it through 
                         maps, graphs and statistics, making it a supportive tool to 
                         understand problems and plan solutions and eventual 
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