author = "Ludwig, Gerson Otto and Rodrigues, Paulo and Bizarro, Jo{\~a}o 
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             abstract = "The equilibrium of large magnetic islands in the core of a tokamak 
                         in conditions of strong toroidal current density reversal is 
                         investigated by a new method. The method uses distinct spectral 
                         representations to describe each simply connected region as well 
                         as the containing shell that substitutes for the external plasma 
                         region. Equivalent surface current densities are dened on the 
                         boundaries of the islands and on the thin shell, giving a 
                         straightforward formulation to the interaction between regions. 
                         The equilibrium of the islands-shell system is determined by 
                         matching moments of the Dirichlet boundary conditions. The 
                         magnetohydrodynamic stability against a class of tilting 
                         displacements is examined by means of an energy principle. It is 
                         found out that the symmetric islands are stable but the 
                         nonsymmetric system presents a bifurcation in the equilibrium.",
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