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                         studied with the wavelet analysis technique in order to find 
                         coherence between 7Be activity, theoretical production in the 
                         troposphere and climatic indices. The 7Be activity were obtained 
                         from five different locations, Angra in the tropics in Brazil, 
                         Skåne in mid-latitudes in Southern Sweden, Kiruna in Polar region 
                         in Northern Sweden, Loviisa in Southern Finland and Rovaniemi in 
                         polar region in Northern Finland. The 7Be data from the Northern 
                         hemisphere sites where tested for coherence with theoretical 
                         production of the isotope in troposphere and with the North 
                         Atlantic Oscillation index. In the Southern hemisphere separate 
                         theoretical production was calculated in order to describe local 
                         production and Southern Annular Mode was used as the climatic 
                         index. Consistent and significant coherence were found with 
                         theoretical production at Skåne, Kiruna and Loviisa at time-scales 
                         of four years or longer. At Angra and Rovaniemi sites, no 
                         coherence was detected between 7Be theoretical tropospheric 
                         production and measured activity at ground level. The coherence 
                         between 7Be data from Skåne and Angra and climatic indices is 
                         insignificant while data from Northern and Eastern Scandinavia 
                         show clear coherence with climatic indices at time-scales of four 
                         years or longer. Additionally, significant coherence was found 
                         between the cosmic ray induced production and NAO at the time band 
                         of 812 years whereas the coherence between cosmic ray induced 
                         production and SAM was insignificant. This feature implies that 
                         the ground level 7Be activity contain mixed information on both 
                         production and transport. This conclusion means that further 
                         evaluation through models which enable accurate realistic models 
                         that will be investigated in future studies.",
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